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Introducing TQOON UK LTD

Introducing TQOON UK LTD Hello, I am the CEO of Tqoon UK Ltd who manages I have experience in running a business that supplies brand products in the UK for the past four years. And I also run a YouTube channel that introduces brand products. Taking advantage of our business experience, we launched a Luxury brands goods shopping website in Japan. Even though we are still in the preparation stage, we plan to manage this business by taking advantage of Dallott’s established competitiveness. Representative:Park Sulah
Company : TQOON UK Ltd | 1 Knightsbridge Green London SW1X 7QA United Kingdom
Tel : 050-3196-5050 | Email :

Park's representative brand productYouTube London SeraChannel

Luxury Designer Brands Collection is named after our desire to show the public as many various Luxury brands as we can. We will introduce many popular products in the UK which is a known centre for Luxury.

Dallott’s「Three Advantages」

1. Various brand products A place to shop for over 50 Brands
and over 10,000 new products.

2. Quick updates When new products are released in Europe, you can shop immediately at Dallott. The fastest place to find new seasonal products.

3. Trusted Service Shopping with confidence from order to receipt through the UK and Japan. Communicate directly with CEO Park, who runs Dallott, and share Luxury stories with Luxury lovers.




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Playfair Display Playfair Display


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the interest and support of many people, including our customers and business partners. Since 2007, we have been operating "", focusing on printed materials and office supplies, and operating online stores in overseas Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, UK, and Australia. Since 2020, we have been operating the " and" sites in the United States, helping our customers with a wider variety of products. We will continue to provide good services to everyone with the slogan of "Pioneering the Cross-Border Online Silk Road".

TQOON USA【Company introduction】

Representative:Yuma Yang
Company: Tqoon Co., Ltd. | 1895 W. Commonwealth Ave Ste B, Fullerton, CA 92833
Tel : 714-406-0150 | Email :