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Personal Information

Tqoon UK Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) applies close attention to the handling of personal information from customers, corresponding to transactions and service use on the Internet, and strives for appropriate management and protection. The following topics are described below.

1. Collection of personal information
2. About the purpose of use
3. Handling of personal information, etc.
4. Privacy policy

You agree to the terms of use of our company and the service, it is deemed that you have agreed to the contents described below by using the membership registration service.

1. Collecting and use of information
▶ Infromation that you provide
All information and data provided after the customer has agreed to the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy upon request.

【Customer Information 】
ID (e-mail), password, point information, name, occupation, industry, company name, department name, website, email, phone number (mobile/Fax), address, etc.

【 Order History Data 】
Order date, product, payment amount, quantity, order or recipient information, shipping address, receipt, etc.

▶ Information acquired in connection with the use of services.
Infornation on transactions where a customer has applied for a product or gift application or other transaction provided by us or a service provider is linked to the customer identification information
Subscription information such as mail magazines from the company
Information on purchasing and acquiring points in our service
Questions to us or service providers by phone, email, or other means. Information on the remarks or descriptions when surveys, campaigns, events, service evaluations, etc. are conducted.

▶ Information acquired mechanically from access
IP address used when the customer's computer connects to the Internet,
and aircraft identification information of the mobile terminal
Information on the browser version, operating system, and other application programs required to use out services, as well as the displayed or discovered products of the discovered page (URL), obtained by accessing our website.

2. About the purpose of use
▶ Customer uses the services as a member of our company
Customer will authenticate themselves and automatically display their membership
Required business for transactions with customers (response to customer inquiries regarding product purchase, delivery, payment, etc.) and customer inquiries, contacts, after services, etc,)

▶ Our Service information or marketing, etc.
Information such as various mail magazines for customers is provided
Information provided by email, post, phone for the service
To analyse customer service usage, develop new services and improve existing services
Communicate with customers regarding opinions and information exchange services such as surveys, campaigns and evaluation boards

3. Handling of personal information, etc.
We handle personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act.
The company shall not provide or disclose the customer’s personal information to any third party other than the company and the services, except in the following cases:。

▶ In case of exclusion
If you have your own consent
In case of requesting disclosure or provision in accordance with other laws and regulations
Where the customer’s actions against the company and its services violate the terms of use and are required to protect our rights, services, etc.

4. Privacy Policy
▶ Basic Policy
Our services recognise the privacy of our customers as an important social responsibility and declare that we continue to improve our privacy policy.

▶ Activity Guidelines
We will properly collect, use and provide personal information and make every effort to process personal information
Adequate safety measures are taken to prevent unauthorised access to personal information, loss, destruction, reopening and leakage of personal information
We will notify executives and employees of the privacy policy and publish it to the company and its service site at the same time