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Terms and Conditions

Scope and change of application of the regulation
These terms and conditions apply to the use of information service using the Internet, so please make sure to read it before using the service.

The application and modification of these terms and conditions
1. These terms and conditions apply to customers who have used the website, access, purchase, etc. regarding the provision or use of our service.
2. Customers who use this service will agree to these terms and conditions.
3. Our site allows users to change these terms and conditions without prior consent.

Suspending the qualification for the use of our services
This site shall be able to cancel the use of this service without prior notice to the customer if the user falls under the following items:

1. When there is a criminal act such as defamation of reputation or credit, or an act that violates laws and regulations
2. When there is account theft
3. When it is found that the use qualification has been revoked due to violation of the rules in the past
4. When it is deemed necessary to secure the security of users, such as errors in entering passwords more than a certain number of times
5. When an unreasonable request is made, such as violent words or actions against the company, or notifying the company
6. When there is any other violation of this agreement

Copyright, such as content contained in all URLs on this site belongs to the Operations Management Officer. All contents shall not be used without permission (copy, reproduction, distribution, etc) to copyright holders, except as permitted by copyright law, such as 'personal use' and 'citation'.

Managing IDs and passwords
The members themselves are responsible for managing the ID and password, such as changing it regularly, so that it is not known to others. Even if it is used by someone other than a member due to theft or fraudulent use, the company shall not be responsible for any damages caused.

Withdrawing membership
If a member wishes to withdraw, he/she should delete the member information. The withdrawal will be made after the specified withdrawal procedure ends.

Use of personal information
The Company is obligated to store the data of the order history related to the tax law imported at the time of mis-order processing by a member or a customer using our service, regardless of the validity ratio of the member. And handled in accordance with the “Personal Information Protection Policy” separately set by the Company. This information is only used for product delivery and office processing procedures, and for information on new product services. We do not provide or disclose your personal information to third parties other than this site, except for the purposes of the following paragraphs:

If you have your own consent Disclosure in accordance with other laws and regulations: in case of request for provision.

Service suspension
In order to ensure that our service is always at its best, we assume that all or part of our service delivery can be suspended without prior notice to the customer if:

1. If necessary for regular inspection and emergency maintenance of the system
2. In the case of difficulty in operating the system due to fire, natural disasters, power outages or obstruction by third parties
3. Other cases determined by the operations management manager who needs to shut down the system
4. In the event of a loss to the customer in accordance with the above information, neither the company nor the responsible person in charge of the operation and management of the site shall be liable

Things that are not exchanged or returned
The company shall not be held responsible for damages caused by the customer due to the congestion or accident of the delivery company after the shipment of the goods.

Other Disclaimers
1. This site shall not be held liable for secondary damages in the event of a delay in delivery due to defective products or delivery (natural disasters etc.) due to traffic conditions.
2.This site shall not be liable for damages, losses, disadvantages, etc. of the products sold in our service in any case, regardless of the cause of the claim under the Act.
3. Our site shall not be liable for any damages caused by your unavailability of our services in any event.
4.Please understand that our site may not be able to respond even after ordering if the production and shipment system of the company is not secured due to unavoidable circumstances or unexpected events. We will respond to the payment in the form of a refund, even if it comes to receiving the payment after ordering (we will respond to the payment in the form that has not been processed.). In no case will we compensate the customer financially.
5. By using our services, the customer who ordered from us will be able to resolve any damages to other customers or third parties at their own expense and we will not be responsible for any of them.
6. You must pay for the installation of computer and communication devices, telephone charges, LAN fees, etc. and application fees for using our services.
7. The company shall not be liable for damages caused by a member’s violation of these terms and conditions.

1. In principle, the communication method between the site and the user is through email, mobile and fax.
2. In the event of a problem that cannot be resolved under this user’s terms and conditions, the user shall communicate with the operator of the site and the customer in a bilateral manner to resolve the problem.
3. In the event of a lawsuit regarding the use of our services, the court in charge of our location will be the sole court of competent jurisdiction.
4. If a customer fails to pay for the sale or otherwise violates these terms and conditions, and the website operator uses the lawyer to recover the claim, the client will also pay for the lawyer’s fee according to the client will pay for the lawyers compensation.

Order Rejection
1.We understand that if you find it inappropriate to be a customer of our company, you may decline further orders. (Depending on comprehensive judgment in a series of transactions.)
※ Because it affects our morale and can affect other customers’ agenda items, we reject future orders if we believe that they are inappropriate.

Example of a judgment element
1. Mail wording is not very considerate
2. Frequently contacting and requiring immediate answers
3. Obsessing the obligations of the customer (modifying the confirmation mail check data of the terms and conditions, strict expiration date, etc.)

2. In some cases, if the company deems it inappropriate, it may cancel the order
3. Even if a suspension of transaction or refusal of order occurs, we do not provide an explanation as to why