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Regarding delivery


Delivery method: Courier (DHL)

Delivery location: World

Shipping: Overseas delivery

Delivery period: It takes 4-10 days for the product after purchasing in the UK.

Delivery information: Depending on the type of product, preparation and delivery of the product may be delayed.

To check the shipping status use the waybill (tracking) number - [Tracking]

Ordering process

It will be delivered from the UK to Customer using DHL, an international logistics company.

※ It is possible to track the order after it has been shipped from the UK.

※ Please be aware that delivery may be delayed depending on UK national holidays.

※ Shipping fee is free regardless of order.

Stages of the Purchasing process

注文完了 STEP1 Order completed
イギリスで購入 STEP2 Purchase in the UK
検品·包装 STEP3 Inspection and packaging
海外配送 STEP4 Overseas delivery
製品の受領 STEP5 Product received
  • Where do the items ship from?

    We will send it directly to you from the UK through DHL (International Logistics Company).

  • How much is the shipping cost?

    Free shipping on all items purchased at Dallott.

  • How can I check the delivery status?

    You can check it through My Page> Order and Delivery Status. Or you can track based on the invoice number on DHL's HP

  • How long does the delivery period take?

    We will ship the item after purchasing it in the UK. It will take 2 to 5 days from the date of shipment. Please note that the delivery period may be delayed due to public holidays in the UK.